RouteTech - Software for route based sales and service.

What is RouteTech?

RouteTech is software that manages your location collections and allows you to split the collection with the location.

Who is it for?

If you collect money or other receipts from a number of locations and then split that receipt with the account/location then RouteTech's for you.

What else does it do?

1. Accounting - it keeps track of the collections and can split it up in a large number of ways

2. Service - when a location calls for service, work orders are created and refunds are tracked.

3. Routing - routes are optimized in several ways that are useful to commercial route operators.

4. Scheduling - drag and drop routes

Does it talk to anything?

1. QuickBooks - once the split calculations are done RouteTech can optionally create and pay the account/location.

2. Coin/Bill sorters - connects to popular brands of sorters.

What do I need to use it?

RouteTech works with most devices that have an Internet connection and a standard browser.